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What breed is millie? :)

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Hey its been a while :)


So i went to a farm the other day and picked up two new hens (they are living in a seperate house, plan to have all 6 living together one day but for now, or until they are both laying atleast they are living in their own house & run :D)


The farm (I assume it was a farm :? ) where we got the two new girls had pens with mixed breeds in. They were all in really good health though and we checked thoroughly.. except Scarlet is de-beaked (is this what you call it?) but it doesn't affect her in the slightest.

So we're not sure what breeds we've got, we just picked two and hoped for the best. Apparently the pens were 'Hybrid & Pure Breed" but i'm not sure how accurate that is..


Anyway, any ideas? pictures:

(Millie is the black one we're unsure of, pretty sure Scarlet is a warren/ranger/isa brown)








Thankyou.. your help is much appreciated! :D

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I agree, write up on that hybrid here:


A Maran cross Barred Plymouth Rock, the Speckled Star is a very docile hen. Slightly larger than the others she is an excellent layer of speckled brown eggs. Silky and soft to the touch she has a beautiful full plumage. The Speckled Star will lay around 270 eggs in her first year.
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Omlet describe a Speckledy as:


The Speckledy is a modern hybrid and comes from a Rhode Island Red crossed with a Maran. The feathering closely resembles that of a Maran but it is a far more prolific egg layer. They are large yet elegant birds with a deep breast, upward pointing tail and pale legs. The comb is medium, red and serrated and the face is smooth. The earlobes and wattles are small and smooth and the beak curved and mottled. They have pale bay eyes.



So maybe there are few slightly different versions around.

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