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Help please - poorly chicken?

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I would really appreciate any advice about one of my girls. We have been away on holiday and the girls went to stay at my sisters. We picked them up today and since getting them home have noticed that Delilah seems unwell. Her vent area is constantly exposed and seems swollen, it is very pale in colour. She does not seem bothered about eating although will have a couple of treats but not as enthusiastically as normal. She also just seems generally unwell and is moving around very slowly and seems lethargic. I haven't picked her up yet as she does not like being handled and I don't want to distress or hurt her. If you have any idea what this could be or any advice I would really appreciate it.


Thanks x

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It could well be that she is egg bound as this happened to me a couple of weeks ago. There is something in the FAQ's I think. I took my chook out and gave her a warm bath in the sink. Then wrapped her up in a towel and cuddled her keeping her carm. She put up no fight as she was so poorly. We then got the hairdryer on her before putting her to bed. SHe was better by the morning.


I think the important thing is warmth and relaxation.

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Sounds like peritonitis to me. Does she walk with a wide legged gait?


If it is peritonitis, the long term outlook is not good, I' sorry to say. However, if you take her to the vet, s/he might suggest that some of the fluid should be drained off and may give her antibiotics.


She won't lay again, but will be more comfortable for a few months.

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