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chickens now laying soft eggs!

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Hi All,


I have 3 Chickens, 1 black rock and 2 bovan goldlines (Hybrids).

The are about 7-8 months old.


All chickens were laying good solid eggs everyday until about a month ago when one of my goldlines started laying soft eggs and has done so eversince, as a result the others have started eating them. Now in the last week my other goldline has started to do the same! I hope its not an infection that has passed from one to the other!?

The black rock is still laying perfect eggs everyday!


I feed them layers pellets and corn and they have a good supply of oyster shell and grit.

All 3 seem very lively and healthy!


If anyone has any ideas why they would be doing this please let me know. I miss having three eggs everyday!



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