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Cinnamon Trust

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As we are all animal lovers on this forum I just thought I would take the opportunity to raise awareness of the Cinnamon Trust, a charity I am a volunteer for.


The Trust offer a unique and very worthwhile service for elderly and terminally ill people and their pets (including chickens!).


The Trust are always on the look out for reliable volunteers. Please have a look at their web site if you have time :D




Feel free to PM if you have any questions.

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Ive sent this to my sister who has been out of work for 20 years or more, she isnt too good at meeting new people but loves animals, and has got into a terrible rut, she just stays home all day smoking, drinking tea & watching TV. I do hope she gives it a try

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I didn't see this post first time around. I'm currently looking at rescue dogs. I'm torturing myself really, the reason I got two cats was because it wasn't practical for me to have a dog. The reasons haven't changed  and now I have two cats as well! 

A colleague mentioned this to me. Unfortunately there are no volunteers needed for dog walking close to me. I thought I'd share with you. 

Please do have a look at the map under volunteers to see if you can help x

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