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Hilda has peritonitis - final update -died overnight :(

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Hi there


My chicken Ruby is being treated for Egg Peritonitis and so far appears to be improving. I asked my vet about draining thefluid but he didn't want to as he said there was risk of introducing further infection and said that the pus would be reabsorbed by the body.Currently Ruby is on an antibiotic mixed with water, Metacam and Critical care formula. Yesterday she had a high temperature and hadnt eaten for at least 2 days but today the fever has gone and she's started eating a bit. I have been getting the antibiotic mix and critical care food syringed down her every 2 hours during today and tonight she decided it would be good to get up and have a wander and tried to jump up on the sofa knocking my partners wine everywhere. Good to see the improvement. I spoke to the vet about the implant and he said it could be done but only if he could find a vet that kept the implants that they could get one from because they would have to buy them in bulk and would probably never use another one in a year. Anyone know of a vets that implant these and what they cost?

Anyway I will keep my fingers crossed for my old girl and hope she continues to improve. The vet told me the prognosis was poor.





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If the procedure is performed is sterile conditions (like any sterile injection given really) there should be little risk of introducing infection. Antibiotics would cover this anyway, although we didn't use any. Hilda went from feeling extremely unwell to extremely well within 5 minutes with no drugs or nursing and hasn't (touches wood) looked back. Some of the amounts of fluid in peritonitis are far too great for the body to reabsorb.Implants in my opinion are expensive, unproven and in Hilda's case wouldn't have bought her any extra time. In terms of preventing them from laying, this is pretty automatic anyway without an implant. Good luck with your hen though. I hope she continues to improve.

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Hi there


Just an update on Ruby-she responded well to all the meds and is back to normal other than lacking in energy-she is likely to still be anaemic so am feeding her spinach and have to go back to vets for a follow-up tomorrow and see if he suggests anything else. I thought I would have lost her but she's a tough little bird so hopefully we are winning but peritonitis has a habit of coming back. She went off with the others for a trip round the garden and was looking to go to bed with them but I will keep her in until all her meds have finished and to make sure she doesnt get chilled.

Thanks for you


Madchick :D

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Hilda looking pretty miserable this morning



We drained a huge amount of fluid off her this morning - 2 full jars of blood stained fluid.


so much that we actually had to pop a little sterile fluid into her abdomen to compensate for the huge fluid loss.



She slept through the procedure almost as if she was hypnotised (DD held her) and is now quite weak.



She has eaten a little and sprinted to join the others for some mealworm but we will see what tomorrow brings :( We are being realistic about her chances. She is already on borrowed time - it's now down to her :pray:

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