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How do i know when chicks are ready to leave their mum?

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Hey guys!


I have 3 6 week old pekin bantams in with their mum. The mummy chicken doesn't seem interested with them during the day over the last few days and is hanging out with her older gang. The chicks seem happy to be in the garden on their own and aren't particularly calling for her or following her around like they used to, but at night they all go into the same coop and snuggle up together. Should i wait for the mum to go into her old coop before I separate them or will they make it obvious they're independant? I dont want to separate them too soon. What do you reckon? x

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Thanks redwing. She's even been in her old nestbox today like she's thinking of laying an egg. It kinda of makes me sad to think she's ready to leave them. It means the babies are ready to go to their new homes :( Guess that's how you end up with 113 chickens eh? x

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I've hatched chicks in an incubator up till recently but now have three broodies - two with chicks and one with eggs, its been lovely to see how they act with the chicks :D


Apparently sometimes the mum can start pushing the chicks away so at least youre hasnt done that

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