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skinny chicken

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Hi one of my two omlet chickens is quite bony over her breastbone, i think has lost weight, she still eats anything in front of her, is still the greediest of the two, her eyes are bright and doesn't look unwell, she does look quite scruffy

though and has a small bare patch on her chest, they have a walk in run so have plenty of room, and i let them freerange if im home. they are about two years old and haven't had a moult yet, her feathers where the omlet delivery man cut have not grown out yet. there is nothing to put my finger on im just a bit worried. does anyone have any ideas.

oh by the way she is laying almost every day.

many thanks


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Like Plum, I would start with the simple things. Try worming with flubenvet, but don't expect instant results as it takes a while after worming for them to regain condition. Once the worming is finished, you could try building her/them up with one of the chicken tonics, extra protein etc. Also, check for lice and get a suitable preparation if you find any. If none of that works, come back and we'll all think again.

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100% agree with worming them.

If she's eating well but not getting enough benefit, then it could very easily be because of a worm burden...they can zap a hen's energy as they live off her body.


Search online for Flubenvet suppliers! :D


I also agree it's worth treating them for red mite, just to be sure!!

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