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Mrs P

Limping Hen - any ideas?

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Hi everyone,


Yesterday our two girls were roaming around the garden as usual - they are usually perfectly safe and only occasionally bothered by a neighbourhood cat.


We went out for a few hours and when we came back our Ginger (Gingernut Ranger Omlet girl) was limping quite badly. We have had a good look over her as best we can and tested out her joints and feet and they seem okay. She was happy for us to do this and didn't show any obvious signs of discomfort or distress. She can still make a fist (so to speak!) but doesn't seem to want to put too much weight on one of the feet. Otherwise she seems okay and is eating and drinking but just limping around. Both of the girls have been a bit quieter than usual but not scared or jumpy.


So, I was wondering whether anyone has any ideas what we can do for her or what might be the cause of the limp. She is an Omlet girl ( so fully vaccinated) and is generally in good health and has been laying reasonably well of late. She's about 2 and a half years old.


I'd be really grateful for any help you can provide.


Thanks everyone.


Suzanne x :?

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Don't know what happened, it's possible that they were scared by a cat, but it's just as likely that she jumped on or off something and landed awkwardly - they do, sometimes. You've made all the obvious checks, and if she seems ok otherwise then I would just keep an eye on her, but assume that it's a bruise or a sprain and it will recover with a bit of rest.


Do you leave them freeranging while you are out? I always put my hens away because I'm afraid they would be 'foxed' in no time if I didn't.

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Thanks for your replies so far. I do leave them freeranging but they are secure apart from the cats who can get in - I do sometimes put them in their run which is one we've built for them and big enough for them to be in there for a length of time.


I've just been to the farm shop and bought some mineral powder for them. It has a high level of limestone. I read in other posts on the Chicken Clinic that a limestone deficiency can cause a limp and both hens have laid a few odd eggs recently with the Miss Pepperpot laying regular softies. I thought that at the very least it wouldn't do them any harm anyway.


Still, I'd be grateful for any further ideas anyone has!


Thanks again,


Suzanne x :anxious:

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you are quite right, the extra limestone won't hurt and it "could" be that, it could equally be that she has knocked it.

however I am worried about something else

I do leave them freeranging but they are secure apart from the cats who can get in

please please please read ALL through the posts a list of fox attacks and what happened because one thing is SURE,

if a cat can get in there is nothing "secure" about that except that the chickens cannot get out.

anyway I do hope a few days rest and she is better. :)

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:) Just an update - Miss Ginny Ginger has just laid a lovely egg and her limp seems to have improved a little at the same time. Its not perfect but better! Perhaps it was a case of pressure on the nerves in her pelvis or leg - I hope so. She seems fine in herself and is gobbling mealworms up like there's no tomorrow.


Keep up the good work, Ginny Ginger!


love Suzanne x :clap:

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