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Odd behaviour - asking to have new neck feathers pecked?

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Our boy Keema is going through a big moult - thankfully in stages. He's done his tail which is now growing back.... now it's his neck.


His neck is a bit raw as he has lots of new feathers coming through... but seems to be asking one of the girls to peck at them. He'll literally go and stand next to her and bend his neck down and wait. And then she'll tug at one of the feathers. He'll squeak a bit when she does it as if it hurts, but he's definitely asking her to do it.


She doesn't peck at anywhere or anyone else - she ranks bang in the middle of the pecking order - and although she's on-and-off broody she doesn't appear to be doing it for nesting material.


Anyone had this happen before? Do I need to locate some purple spray? I haven't looked yet but I doubt there'll be a bumper bit in her size :lol:

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Thanks lovelies. Yes Plum, 'daft' sums him right up :roll: Will get some violet when can get to petshop (would the vets have it?)


As if I didn't have my hands full with Daisy on Metacam and refusing to walk after slipping over yesterday!

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