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Chicken shack

Got my chickens today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Congratulations! Hope you enjoy every day with them.


I already have some but I am getting two Silkie x Welsummers tomorrow - hopefully!! It was supposed to be today but they can't catch one of them!! Any ideas for names are welcome. I'm thinking Flo Jo! :lol:

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Thank you for posting your thoughts. Three went to bed but Jasmin hadn't a clue so Rhoda came back out and sat with her perched on the side of the buttler sink I had put in the run as a dust bath. I was able to go in and just pick them up and pop them in, I was supprised how easy it was. I will have to get up early to let them out. I have named them after the breed:- Jasmin=Jasmin, Bluebell=Bluebell, Rhode Island Red= Rhoda and I now need a name for the Light Sussex. Suggestions welcome. Trudy (cube green)

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