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So much to do on garden. ~ WIR roof - problems!~

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Just a quickie update.


WIR is up and nearly finished. Roof is on apart from last little bit, If it hadnt have been for the rain yesterday would have probably had chance to paint it and do more but alas it conspired against us.


Anyway... with the light failing and two trips up to B&Q cause run out of roofing panel and then wire staples... finally got to this stage... :D








Admit everywhere still looks a mess but considering it was a weed jungle a few weeks back its looking a lot better :lol:


Eglu run been dismantled and just left the eglu in there now, they have access to the cube but havent discovered it yet, hopefully tomorrow will have chance to have a good nose around and find their way in. :dance:


Got to get some branches and ledges put inside now, and order the tarpaflex (sp?) ready for the sides to protect when we get worst weather... oh and the guttering and water butt. :doh: just remembered that bit. :) . The temp fence panels we put up behind the chicken run to stop prying eyes from walkers at the back, will be moved now, as the council have erected the works fence panels up so no access to area now. So no one can see anything. The garden is nice and private. :dance:


Hope the girls appreciate the larger space for mooching around in tomorrow now.


We are both shattered. Who said chicken keeping was simple.....?? lol xx

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thank you all for your kind comments. :D


It has been a lot of hard work and so time consumming. I dont think either of us realised just how long and exhausting it would all be, and still not finished yet, have the garden to tackle, staircase to build, footpath up there :lol::lol: . Wouldnt it be nice to wave a magic wand and have it all done in the blink of an eye. :lol:

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can't see any point in waiting if you can find what you want. You have the accomodation 8)


Plenty of room for a few more girls in the WIR/Cube :D


Do feel jittery about the whole introduction process, scared it might all go horribly wrong. :? I am sure I will crack before spring though and be tempted. :lol::lol::lol:

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Oh oh...major problem with roof tonight. Got home and its the first time its rained since the roof went on, and noticed there was a lot of bowing towards the rear of it. Looks like the angle is not enough and hubby not put enough support underneath. :wall::wall::wall: . Spent an hour freezing to death, trying to push panels up to drain the water off...needless to say the inside of the run got soaked as it came flooding in the sides of the panels. :?


Thankfully the chookies took themselves off to bed so they didnt get wet.


Looks like its all got to come off and be redone the weekend...sigh!! Arrrgh!

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I was really disheartened last night by it, but know its not the end of the world just one of those things and it can be fixed. Fingers crossed for a dry day sunday so we can sort it out. Suppose it is always going to be a bit of trial and error... and we have the error... :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


Had a nice dry day today and have been at home so have been in and had a tidy up... put some new woodchip in and it looks much better.


I have my tarpaflex too, so think once roof done thats the next priority. Dare say we are going to be getting more bad than good days soon.


I want to fit some guttering too/water butt. Hubby not interested in doing that... but as I said when we grow veggies up there next year its going to be a good source of water. So overruling him on this one... just means a bit more work on his part...hee heee.!!!

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we've got the guttering in place, just got to get the husband to move the waterbutt up there (he cant wait!!) not quite sure what we;re actually going to DO with the water up there because its miles from the kitchen garden - unless the girls can drink it?? not sure.

am pondering on tarpaflex at the moment, but not quite sure what to order!

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I think for us the guttering will be a good thing, especially when growing some veggies and we can then use the water from it. Makes sense. :D


Couldnt you use the water for something like that too Beach chick ?


I was the same when thinking about ordering the tarpaflex as was unsure, so in the end ordered some to cover all sides, and see how get on... just got to work out how to fit it up, and order the bungees if they have them in stock now as were out.


I sometimes wonder how went from a simple eglu/run to a cube, WIR and all the fittings.... :lol::lol::lol: . This forum has a lot to answer for (and I mean that nicely :D ). xx

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