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I wish I had a DeLorean...

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...as time is really dragging until I get my first chooks on Saturday. I was hoping for friday off work but sadly no can do was the answer.


I have the ground ready, (red eglu) bought and food and picking up a bale of straw on Saturday morning.


Pretty much decided on a lovely Blackrock, Speckledy and a Bluebelle for starters. However I suspect I might really get into this and a (cube red) may beckon next year.


Can't wait!!

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:lol: Well, your post title caught my attention!

Hope all goes well collecting the hens on Saturday, it'll be great fun.

Meanwhile, we'll be counting the hours with you on the forum.

Yes, a Cube sounds a good idea. I started with 2 chickens in an Eglu mark1 and had 10 hens by the following year. :lol:

All the best, let us know how it goes.

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23hrs !!! :D


After reading the posts on bedding and the volume of leaflets / junk mail I get, I am seriously considering shredded paper!. Ahh this forum has and is continuing to be a wealth of knowledge. Thanks all


Plus the OH has got me some lovely big archive boxes too.


Work is just not happening today and I suspect sleep won't either tonight :whistle:

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Good luck for tomorrow, we have had our chooks for a few months now and it is compelling.


With regard to the bedding we always use shredded paper, as you said junk mail = endless supply, and when it becomes soiled just pop it in the compost bin when you empty the droppings tray.

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