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I expect we all get this problem but can anyone recommend a decent rat trap to put in the chicken run? At the moment I put out a conventional spring trap once the chicks have gone to bed but the other morning I found I'd caught (and killed) a robin in it. :doh:

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Not sure to be honest...


With rats, I found the best solution was poison - but you don't want to put that in the run itself! I worked out where the rats were getting into the garden and then put bait there - making sure it was protected from any other animals (and chooks!). Rats are very wary or anything new, so it can take a while before the bait is taken, but once they start they will keep going till eventually you manage to get rid of them all.


For mice I find snap traps are quick and easy, and seem more effective.


Good luck whatever you do!

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Thanks guys.


Not sure if I'll ever totally get rid of em' though because one neighbour also keeps chicks and the other keeps birds of prey so it's going to be just a matter of keeping the numbers down. What with the wild birds eating the chicks feed as well it's costing me a fortune.


I have one of the Eglu feeders but find it to heavy to hang on the wire (thus keeping it out of the way of the rats)


We have a young Jack Russell, but he's not quick enough to catch em despite his best efforts!

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