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Hi There, thought I had just about covered the whole of my WIR with tarpauline's, however now I descovered that the water is seeping in by the bucket load under the run. I have aready put a gutter on thinking this would help. The run is on a concrete base and I think that it is seeping between the concrete and the wood. Has anyone else got this problem? was thinking of putting a silicone sealing along the gap. Any thoughts whether this will work, or any other sugestions would be welcome.

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Someone reported their chooks eating a length of silicone so take care.


It's a bit of a problem for us. I took off the kickboards and put silicone under that but it still leaked so put waterproof tile grout on the inside and now outside just along floor and it's almost stopped it. Got to do it again to catch the last bit. It's a pain isn't it :evil: I keep one of those super absorbant cloths just along the inside to catch the water but don't intend to do it long term.


The concrete at the front slopes towards the run slightly so I get a big puddle and sweep it away afterwards. I was wondering whether to scree it to slope away but haven't a clue how.

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