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Mrs P

Sad few days...

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I lost my first hen Pepper yesterday - I think she had become egg-bound and she deteriorated very quickly and died within 24 hours. I was devastated as she was my first girl along with Ginger.


Today, Ginger was breathing through her beak and had a runny nose so we took her to the vet to be checked over. She didn't come back and has joined her friend in henny heaven.


Both chickens had totally different symptoms but died so close together that I am baffled about whether there was a link between their respective illnesses.


It will be so quiet in the garden now. I think we'll have a bit of time off from hens. I have always tried to take good care of them. They were wormed, well-fed with Omlet feed and always lived in clean and warm surroundings. I just don't know whether I was doing something wrong or what. :( I will always have my good memories of the girls and may have some more in time.


RIP Pepper and Ginger, my lovely girls.



:cry: xxxxx

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So sorry about your news - it must be awful to lose them so close together.....we lost our Pepper at New Year and Spice just 3 weeks ago, and that's been sad enough....Ginger is still going strong but I got her 2 new girls to keep her company as I thought she would struggle too much having lost both her previous companions...... Sending you hugs.

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