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Hen Blind in one eye

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Hello and Afternoon Everyone.


This is my first post on here.


Ive had 3 chickens and 2 ducks for about 3 months now. Recently their run has become all soggy so we let them out to free range around yesterday and noticed that Florence our speckeldy hen was walking alongside a wall very closely. I picked her up to have a look and noticed that her left eye was clouded over(the reason she couldnt see the wall) , a bit like when an old dog goes blind. No swelling or redness or puss just clouded over. The other 2 chickens do not bully her so i dont think it was the result of pecking. Has anyone else had a chicken go blind in one eye? Is there anything that can be done to cure it? Deficiency of some sort? She is still happy and has laid every day since she laid her 1st egg about a month ago.



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Hi there. One of my chickens is blind in one eye. It started off with an infection - she kept closing the eye and was very quiet, just standing around and not eating or drinking much. We took her to the vets and she was given some eye drops which didn't really help. When we took her back we were told it was badly ulcerated so she was given a course of Baytril and the vet said she probably wasn't able to see anything out of it anymore. It has now been left white and clouded over. She's had a few flare up's since, and has never really been the same, she has to have a course of Baytril from time to time. I can tell she can't see anything because when we give her treats she's always the last one to the dish and if she's free ranging she's always on her guard.

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