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Wraspy voice - can anyone diagnose?

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One of my hens is now about 3 years old and has had a very wraspy voice for several months now, i've noticed it getting worse over the last week or so and she is barely audible now. Other things I've noticed (although not sure if they are connected) are a whiteness around the earlobes and she's become quite skinny and boney. I lost two hens last year to a parasite (suggested as gapeworm by a farmer) introduced by one of the new hens I bought from a poultry farm. The rest all seemed ok and survived. The 3 hens are in an enclosed run (about 10 - 12m2) and I change the litter, which is straw or grass cuttings every week or two. They are fed on a good quality feed and get regular doses of grit and Verm-X wormer.


I'd be grateful to know if anyone has any ideas on what the problem might be and if I can treat it - how?


Apart from the above she seems herself, still boss of the run, she eats well and is very active. The other two hens also seem unaffected.





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