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Ex-bats collected 7/11. Living with other girls & new pics.

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Got to ask how are all these new batts doing with all thia wind and rain? Just got back from walking my dog and my face and legs are so cold they're numb :( My girls did not want to be turfed out of house but got to be cleaned. They soon ran back in when i'd finished :lol:

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It really was a horrible wet windy day for introduction to the outside world! I'm not so surprised they wanted to stay in the cosy eglu!


Do you have any tips for me as I am now getting 3 on Sunday? I wasn't expecting it to be that quick. I have everything except ex batt food and a spare shower curtain!


Hope tomorrows weather is a bit more welcoming for them.

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Not only do they think they've gone to chookie heaven, with all this rain they probably think they're up for reincarnation as ducks :lol: . With my very first batch of adoptees, it was sunny the first day and then did nothing but rain for five days, and they were getting used to a world where it was always wet!


Bet you're all excited for Sunday Gertie, and lovely to read about so many girls getting new homes :D

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Very excited but nervous too as I'm out at work & won't be around much their first week. I woke up in the night worrying about it!!!


I phoned Wendy at BHWT & she reassured me that they'll be fine- so busy exploring grass, sky & freedom! Think I might rush home in my lunchbreak just to check on them though.

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Hi Gertie


Thats brilliant that you will be getting some exbats soon. You wont regret it, it feels so right to give some a home, especially after the horrible start they have had to life.


I know I have only had mine a few days, but have to agree with Wendy, re the first few days, everything is so new, strange and scary for them that you wont need to worry about being out at work. Its best to leave them to adjust and gain a little confidence in their new home. So it will be ok. :D


Even in just a few days I am starting to see slight changes in the ones I have. They havent screached at me since Sunday, can now find the way into the coop on their own to lay eggs & go to bed, have found the food, and generally starting to do what chickens do.


I was planning to have pure breeds or more hybrids, but think for me it may be exbats every time. Just giving them that chance of some kind of life is so worth it. :)


Look forward to hearing about yours and pics when you get them.



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hi deb - lovely pictures :mrgreen: it's always a happy moment to see newly rescued ex-bats enjoying their first taste of freedom. hope they're both settling in well with their new sisters, home & mummy :D


good luck & well done to all of you other omletters who have recently re-homed or are waiting to re-home some very lucky ladies :clap::angel: hugs to you all and your new girlies xox

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Morning all


the girls have been here a week now and hopefully feeling a little more settled and come to realise I am not a big bad monster. :lol::lol: and am the treat feeder.


I havent let them loose into the free range area yet but thinking of letting them out today for a leg stretch.


Do you think too soon ? or may have problem getting them back in ? how have others with exbats got on on first adventure out. ? thanks xx

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If they are used to treats such as sweetcorn, you should have no trouble getting them back in the run.


I always supervise their first few forays into the outdoors, and generally just let them out for a short spell, to get them used to being herded back in more than anything.


If it is a nice day where you are, I'd take advantage of it. wrap up and have a flask of hot chocolate and a book. :lol:

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As the weather was ok this afternoon and it was clean out time too, I did let my exbats out. :D


Heres the photos for you to see them take their first steps outside the run. Excuse the new girls 'purple bits' :lol::lol:


OOhhh doors open.






Whats up there then ?




Took 3 attempts to jump up onto wood, just shows how weak their muscles are.




Ok wanna get back down now...how far is it!




Bit braver now






But never too far from the 'security' of home.




After just one week.. both came to the shake of the mealworms tub. One even ate them out my hand. :D




Put them back in then as had been out about 30 mins. I was amazed had no trouble getting them back, but had the mealworms to thank. :lol::lol:


Not forgetting my other two who were making a racket to come out because were missing out...mealworms for them too.




Bit of corn for all before bed time... plus getting them used to each other (I hope so anyway)










Am amazed at how far they have come on in one week. :clap::clap:

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They will get braver everyday :P I've found that they peck their own breasts so some anti-peck or similar might be a good idea. One of mine has nearly regrown all her feathers after 5 weeks, however I still spray vulnerable bits with purple spray just to deter the others :D


I also have a !gored! and just ordered an extension - can you put the existing door on the side easily or do you need an adaptor ?

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Thats what have done, purple sprayed the bits that look like could turn out to be targets much to the disgust of the girls. Havent seen any pecking but do have anti-pecking spray just in case. :D I cant wait to see if they feather up ok. Trouble is I keep calling the one 'baldy bum' and if dont stop doing it that name is going to stick. :lol:


The Go you can put the door at the side or the bottom, whichever you prefer. I didnt realise till put mine together that the door on the side should be further down the run, but I put mine nearer the door. It makes it a bit tricky with the food/water containers but manage ok. If it were further down could put either side of the door. I am tempted to get a spare door panel and then fit at the end of the run. Will make access easier. You dont need any kind of adaptors its just usual clips. :)


My girls all do seem to love mealworms... must be the chicken equivalent of chocolate. :lol::lol: . I would follow anyone round for my daily fix of it. :dance::dance:


They do seem to get along ok, the smaller one is the fiester of the two and more lively too, whereas the other one is much more laid back. Amazing the different characters they have. :D


Lewis, ahem to think back in July was only looking at the Cube at the CLA and talked to you.. I have come along quite a way since then. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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the green pots I think are called galley pots! I got them off an internet chicken good supplier. I have seen them for sale on ebay too although you had to have 4 mixed colours, and I wanted all green. :lol:


I think I have the details of supplier on works pc so will check tomorrow for you. They are handy to put a bit of mash, or grit or any titbits you want to give and keeps off the floor. xx

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