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Ex-bats collected 7/11. Living with other girls & new pics.

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I was 'brave' yesterday and let them all free range a bit together. :anxious: Took a few pics but havent had chance to upload them, will try later tonight.


It went reasonably ok for a first session. The exbats were hesitant but did eventually come out of their run and meet the older girls.


I put them a big dish of food down and they all tucked in together for a bit. There was no agression/pecking from my older ladies, or Baldy Betty (exbat) but after a while Matlida (other exbat) decided she wanted to do some pecking and chasing of 'other' girls.


Needless to say they legged it. :lol::lol::lol:


I honestly thought it would be one of the established girls that would strive to be head chuck but think Matilda is the one.....which completely suprises me as shes been the timid one so far!!


Be interesting to see how it all pans out and if it changes.


Roll on Thursday when can let them all out together again for another session.

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Heres a little update.


A quick reminder of how the exbats Bald Betty and Mad Matilda looked when first arrived. :(




Today in the snow with my other girls. All looking a bit dirty as had been dirt bathing it in the WIR before let them out into the snow. :lol:


Looking at me wondering if got any treats for them. They really are not keen on the snow. :lol:






Buffy and Matilda (exbat now top chook)




Hope you can see how much they have come along in such a short few weeks and despite all the rotten weather thrown at them.



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