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Mrs Frugal

EGLUS and CUBES ON EBAY....Please post about them here.

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This thread is for those interested in bidding or listing Eglus on Ebay.


Details of Eglus and other used Omlet listed there may be posted in this thread.


Please don't post links to any non Omlet items.


All details posted in good faith. It is up to the buyer to check them before bidding.


If you wish to flag an Eglu on ebay, please state the colour, model (ie Mark 1, Classic or Cube), location, a clickable link to the item (not the item number) and the date the listing ends. Also, if there is a Buy it now (BIN) price, please list that too.

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From now on the moderating team will no longer be posting links to Eglus for Sale on ebay, as it is taking up too much of our time.


Please check these links for info on Eglus, Cubes, glugs, grubs etc which may be listed on ebay.




Eglu and Accessories


As always, buyer beware.

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Hi all, due to relocation I'm selling my setup, including an Eglu Cube, Classic, Walk-In Run, Chicken Swing and even more extras! Azeala Banks, Beyonce, Solange and Angel Hayes all being rehomed together this weekend. The link to more detail is


http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Omlet-Eglu-Cube-Eglu-Classic-Walk-In-Run-and-extras-/252944880721?roken=cUgayN via @eBay_UK

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