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Ex-bats.. any advice of what treatment first ?

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We Flubenvet'd ours as soon as we got them. Now they get wormed every three months. We checked them over for lice etc thoroughily - under their wings and round their baldy bums! Not that much could hide there! Now Saturday is nit nurse day - best light - they get a good examination for nasties. Watch their happiness when you give them a bowl of water.


Without the wonderful Omlet forum we wouldn't even know what a louse looks like! Respect, fellow Omleteers!


Well done you for going for Ex-Batts, they are such fun.

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Congrats on going for ex-bats, our three have turned out to be a delight.

I wouldn't worm them until they have settled in as if they are like ours were, they didn't eat much for the first ten days or so, and therefore wouldn't take in the required amount of Flubenvet needed.

They may find it stressful if you try to handle them trying to rub in mite/louse powder.

They will be frightened of everything to start with, and very fragile.

You could sprinkle some of the powder on the roosting bars and in the nest box so that they get some on them as a starting point. Hope it all goes well. :D

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Ex batties are normally pretty well looked after in the sense of worming, vacinations etc ( even though every thing else is downright cruel) I didn't worm my ex bats till I'd had them for a month...their poohs were fine, just gave them warm wet mash with poultry spice in it for a few weeks with mealworms in the late afternoon to gain their trust and within around 6 weeks they were almost completely feathered up. This was in April this year and they are the most cheekiest naughty girls and their personalities are second to none!

Only lost one 2 months ago..she wasn't ill, just found her in the nest box..she had passed away in her sleep, so I think, not to suddenly overload them with lots of different treatments straight away..just good food with poultry spice, a few mealworms to get them used to you, let them find their feet and before you know it you'll have VERY cheeky hens!!!


Good luck and let us know how you get on :D

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