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Chicken deficient

Winter is definitely here...

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Hi I am a total newbi to owning hens and we are due our first Ex Bat Hens in 2 wks. :clap:


I am studying all info on here and other sites and getting everything ready.


I have one question which is probably very obvious to most but I need to make sure I get it right. :wink:


At the top of our coop is a sliding door with mesh behind for ventilation, do we need to leave this open at all during night or is it just for warmer months??


Thanks in advance for any advice.



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I always shut the pophole all year but the only ventilation I block is the trays when its windy and icy. All the high level ones stay open. If I put my hand in among the girls they are lovely and warm even Pigeon who is moulting. Her new feathers are hot, must be the blood in the quills :D

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I dont own a Eglu so was wondering what was the pop hole??




Morning Ally,


pop hole is the door way the girls go through to get into their coop. Some people close it at night, some dont. When I first had my two hens I didnt close it, but now I do as I feel they are warmer and a bit safer too. xx

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