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Well, hes insisting on a !gogreen! one if its going to be brand new. However if I track a used one down then it could be any of the colours available and am certain he wont mind what colour it is then if its alot cheaper than a new one. :lol::lol:


It is only really going to be a 'spare' for any intros etc...as do hope in time can get the exbats and my existing girls living in harmony.


I really have no preference... the idea to have green was to blend it into the garden so it would look more natural, but now have bright blue wooden 8ft fencing at rear of garden (whilst area regeneration is done :shock: ), so its all looking very un-natural.


To be honest I was going to go for a cheapish wooden coop/run for the exbats, so was very suprised when hubby asked me how much the Go was, and that he would buy one for me. :D


The Go will be instead of a Pandora bracelet and a few charms which he was going to get instead for my birthday. We dont normally do birthday pressies for each other so its out the blue.


Just got to measure up where its going to go and see if will fit in, cause think it needs a bit more space than an eglu. Thats one of the things to be done tomorrow. Need to get ordered or find a used one asap as need it for two weeks time...eek! xx

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