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Ice in the water this morning.

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It was first hard frost this morning and found ice in the girls water container. Is there anything can put in or do that will help prevent that ? thinking more of when we get into the real thick of winter and its going to freeze more. :?


I think the chooks knew it was going to be a cold night last night because when I went to shut them in, there were both in the nest box, snuggled up. :lol::lol:

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Anti freeze :-o


Putting a ping pong ball will most probably just make the water freeze around it.


I find it easier to bring the water container into the house when there's frost forecast, then I take it out in the morning with fresh water when I go out to let them out of the cube

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I'm not using a glug but with my other drinkers I've had to break the ice a few mornings now - even the duck paddling pool was completely frozen over.


When I know it is going to be cold I bring the drinkers in. I plan to fill them with slightly warm water in the thick of Winter to hopefully prevent them freezing during the day.

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I've found it works for me too.


In the depths of a cold snap, when the water refreezes during the day, I trundle up the garden with a watering can full of hot water, pour it onto the ice in the Glugs, wait a few moments and stir it round with the run pin, and I find that this will keep them going for a few more hours.


I revert to the Glugs in icy weather, for this reason, as I find them much easier to deal with than the 'upturned bucket' types, which freeze into icebergs.

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