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vinegar stops plucking?

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Hi everyone,


Ive been battling with a bully for a few weeks and she is now in the sin-bin for a few days after she has pecked the other two's bumb bare :shameonu: . I have tried all sorts of anti-peck sprays togerther with the purple spray and so far nothing has worked. She pecks the feather out then gobbles them up :shock: I have got some bumber bits coming from Wernlas but i dont want to use there unless i really have to. I have read this morning that putting some ordinary malt vinegar in their water might help to cure this, as the vinegar contains all the nutrients that the hens need. I cant really believe they are deficient in any nutrients, at my older ones have never plucked eachother and i spend a fortune on expensive garvo feed. But i am willing to try the vinegar in the hope it might work. has anyone ever tried this??





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vinegar contains all the nutrients that the hens need


Vinegar (Apple Cider vinegar) contains no vitamins but does contain calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. Feather pecking can indicate a nutritional issue but I doubt vinegar would have enough to meet that need - perhaps something like LifeGuard poultry tonic would be more suitable? http://www.life-guard.co.uk/

But you're feeding her a good quality feed so it shouldn't be that....Is she moulting? That can be a drain on a hen's body - perhaps try giving her a few mealworms in the evening to up her protein?


If it's behavioural, the bumper bit might be the only thing to stop the habit. :(

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There's an old wives tale about spraying newbies with vinegar before putting them in the house at night to disguise their new smell so they don't get attacked in the morning. I've never tried it so don't know if it works, but I guess it's where this idea may have originated??

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This is what it says about vinegar on the website i have been reading:


Any type of vinegar will do however many people prefer the white (clear) vinegar, Just a very small amount, I would say a cup full to a gallon of water.


I was wrong to say its got the nutrients in that they need, after reading it again it says the vinegar balances out the nutrient levels in the body, so they dont have this craving for extra protein. I've got nothing to lose and if it works i'll be well chuffed, so im gonna give it a go - got the bumper bits on stand-by though just in case! I'll let you know what happens.................

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I had a persistent feather plucker till recently. She was pristine, but her two sisters were looking oven ready. I tried everything then finally Ukadex which was vile, but did seem to break the cycle for a week or two. I also gave them all more protein ( una, no-meat cat food etc because feather -eating can be an indication they lack protein).


Whether it was a result of something I did or just coincidence, she has now stopped and the two girls are re-feathering nicely.


I'm hoping she won't start again.....



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