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bumper bit question from a traumatised owner

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ooooooohhhhhh ive had a traumatic time today getting bumper bits on my two bullies - i was really nervous and so were the hens, ive never had to do this before! I have managed to get the bumpers on following the tips page on here, but i read that its better to get them in the holes towards the back of the nostrils - not the front holes. I managed to put them on in the back holes (sort of under that little flap of skin) but after the two hens had done all their head shaking and rubbing the floor i noticed that the bumpers had slipped to the front of their nostrils - as though they are in the front holes. I had another fiddle and pushed them back but they came forward again after more shaking. They look like they will stay on but i am concerned they are not in the right place. Does this matter? Will this be hurting them?


what an awful experience this was for both the hens and me :anxious:

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If they cant get them off then they are probably in the right place. If the hens are eating and drinking, then I shouldn't worry too much. They will soon get into the hang of eating with them in place.


You can always remove them after a couple of weeks, when the bullied hen has had some respite, abd hopefully the bullies have got out of their bad habits.


There are mixed feelings about the use of bumper bits. I feel that they do have their place in flock management, when all else has failed. The victim's entitlement to go about unmolested outweighs the bully's right to be vile, for me at least.


In a more pragmatic age, merciless bullies were often culled to solve the problem.

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I know how you feel, we had to fit one of our 'feather pluckers' with a bumper bit a while ago. They do work well but just be careful the tip of the 'bumper' doesn't stick out too far in front of the beak if the hen is pulling it forward ie. causing a big gap between the end of the beak and the bumper, which could get caught up on something...

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i really don't think you should be using the device if you're not 100% certain that it's been put on properly.

putting aside any feelings about the actual use of a bumper bit, i really do think that a) 2 people are needed for it be put on properly, and b) no amount of reassurance from other omletters can guarantee that the device has not been fitted in a way that is painful or uncomfortable to the hen.


i really think you should either ask someone more experienced to fit the device or at least check your fitting, or if there's no one you can turn to for help in person then post a picture so that one of the mods or experienced forum members can properly advise.


you are clearly feeling concerned, so i think it's really important - debates aside - that this topic is given the attention it needs, because all of us here can agree on one thing - that the hen's welfare is priority (even when they are a bully!).

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