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Getting eggs out of a Go at night?

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my exbats were already in bed tonight when got home to lock them in. I opened up the back a bit to check inside and spotted an egg in the nest bowl. Both girls were settled down for the night right by the back door and despite my gentle efforts to move them over a bit wouldnt budge. :lol::lol: Cant say as I blame them.


Not wanting to stress them by forceable moving them (not until they are more used to me and being touched) it made it so that couldnt reach the !egg!


Didnt want to risk taking back off completely especially as dark and the girls havent yet been let out to roam free, meant I couldnt get my mitts on the egg. My arms just not long enough. :lol::lol:


I have had to leave it in there now. Any suggestions for how to get eggs in situation like this. :?: thanks xx

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This is probably going to sound like a silly suggestion, but what about using one of those plastic serving spoons with the long handle to scoop it out/push it into a corner so it does not get squashed!


I'm having the same dilemmas as I get home after dark and all 4 hens sleep in the nest box :roll: . Not had a broken egg yet so far though (cross fingers)! With 4 hens in there I cannot even see the eggs until they have vacated in the morning.

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I just used to stretch over the ducks or slide her out the way :oops::lol:


We don't use the roosting bars though, so they're easier to slide, and she would quite often lay in the corner by the door.

Thats one of the only negatives about the Go - no egg port!

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Pets at home have little fish nest for 79p or something ... or have a look on ebay :D


With the Go all being modular I don't know how hard it would be for them to design + make a side panel with an egg port for people to buy :think: ... or even make the roosting bars able to turn around so the nest is at the back corner ... know the bottom tray is curved too though.

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