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Red Rash

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Hi there


Well bad news in that Pauline had the starts of a few lice (why does that word always make me itch). So I have bathed and powdered all three of the ladies (much to their dissatisfaction). It was their time for a precautionary worming treatment too, so they have had the full works :lol:


I noticed on Maude (Partridge Pekin) That she had a red and slightly sore patch just at the back of her back cape and a few broken feathers. She has had a bit of a moult so I hope it is something no more than new feather poking through but wondered if it could be anything more serious. She is not quite herself but that could also be due to winter kicking in or maybe the lice (which will be sorted now hopefully)


All other basic health checks say she is in grand health so any thoughts/suggestions on what it might be please?



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