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Frozen Glugs/Water - read and post it here!

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Thought I had posted that Omlet now stock the heating pads, but can't find it :roll:




I now have one and it's great, the other one I had, didn't have a removable plug, so I had to cut the lead to get it through the mesh :roll:


I just worry when I am away in case the one heater fails, at least now I have two. My neighbours do pop in on the hens when I'm away, but this gives me extra peace of mind.

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Just to add what we did last winter, which was to rotate between two glug trays each day.


Each morning we would take the frozen one out, replace it with a freshly-filled "spare".


Worked OK last winter, but I suppose this only works if/when the water only freezes overnight and not during the day.

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