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Lost all 3 of my lovely girls

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It was so comforting to have so many people reply,thank you so much it has made it easier to come to terms with.

Matt is going to move to coop today so I don't see it every time I look out of the kitchen window.

we had planned to buy them a new plastic coop for christmas and re vamp their run.Matt said we can get some more but its far too early to be thinking about that.

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Oh this is so sad and just before Christmas too. Must have been a horrible shock to find them like that big hugz. I know what you mean about not getting anymore yet. I have friends who immediately replace lost pets but I never do I feel I need to grieve for the lost ones first.


I worry all the time about Ollie and my girls especially as they are kept at my stable yard. We have a sand school that the foxes use as their larder. When the ground is frozen we regularly find chickens buried in there. Not mine thank god as they are in cube and run and electric fencing.

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Awe I am so sorry for your lose :( I would be devistated too if anything happened to my girls.


I lost my 16 yr old dog 9 days ago and nothing can replace her. I still cry every day.

The worst thing was going out to the girls on Thursday night. Something brushed against my leg as I was checking they were in all bed and talking to them, when I looked down it wasnt a cat, it was a fox!! How tame are they getting? This is the second time this has happened now.


Im seriously thinking of getting an electric fence now. Although I dont want to hurt the fox, I dont want them near my girls.


Will be thinking of you when I put them away in 1/2 an hour :|

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