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Alis girls

Father Christmas

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Three of my four children still believe. They write a letter and which we burn generally asking for a small gift along the lines of a DVD or book that they would like. We are then responsible for the other presents that they receive. The gifts from Santa are laid out on the hearth on Christmas morning. We fill a stocking for each child and then we start out treasure hunt. We have a quiz and for each round of correct answers the children are rewarded with a riddle that will lead them to a place where a present is hidden for each of them. We have around 20 riddles prepared and the presents to match. Some of the presents are big and some are small like the toothbrushes that are wrapped and hidden in the Bathroom vanity unit. The children love this part of the day and we find it really takes it away from the present ripping frenzy that it used to be - this may just be my children, I'm sure other peoples are far more restrained!


That is a really good idea. I think even my two would enjoy that and they are 16 and 13 now!

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Just as when I was a child all presents here are from santa and magically appear under the tree Christmas morning. Santa also fills the stockings at the end of their beds. THey open all their presents with great excitement first thing when they get up then later in the day they have presents from family and usually something small like a dvd each from dh and I. THeh also all buy each other presents and some for dh and I. DD 9 says someone at school has said its parents but she doesnt believe him. I just said 'where do you think we would get all the money for all the presents' and that seemed to convince her further. Do I tell her the truth later in the new year as dont want her asking next Christmas and having to tell her then or do I just leave well enough alone

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We also used to say that the stockings were from Santa and the other presents were from family etc. When my YD was 8 or so she wrote to Santa as usual and put the letter in the fireplace. Strangely the next day it was gone. :lol: It was a very detailed letter, asking what he had for lunch and where the elves slept etc etc. I gave the letter to a friend of mine and she wrote a reply from Santa (so that YD did not recognise the writing) and it was really magical.


I have no memories at all of when my 2 girls stopped believing, it just must have happened naturally when they were ready for it.


Yes they still have stockings at 23 and 25 !

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