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Donna C

Our first egg!

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Hi , congrats on u're 1st egg, our orpington layed 30th dec, quite small eggs but perfectly formed. Think red bits are just blood spots but sure someone more knowing will come along soon. Just hoping my other orpington will lay soon :D . Not had any eggs for long time as had these from 9 weeks. Yipee :D

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Our lovely Esme (Buff Orpington) gave us a slightly belated christmas present on Boxing Day of our first ever egg! !egg!:D Since then she has laid us an egg every day except for New Years Eve (maybe she was in the party mood?!). I'm surprised on two counts - firstly I expected the early eggs to be small and soft shelled, but they have all been a good size, perfectly formed and with strong shells...and secondly, according to everything I've read, the Orpington isn't a great layer, so I only expected 50-100 eggs a year from Esme, and yet she's given us 7 eggs in 8 days!


efdbff50.jpg Esme sitting on...

dde21573.jpg ..our very first egg!

6128d95d.jpg our first three eggs, all from Esme


None of the other five are laying yet, so we're all guessing who will give us our next egg!


Ooh, a quick question for all you experts - six of the eggs have been plain shelled, but one was speckley in appearance, red dots - I wondered if it was red mite, but nothing before or since, and when I went out with my torch to see if I could see any mite in the night time, I couldn't see anything - any ideas what the red speckles on that one egg might be?


705dd859.jpg The speckley egg!





p.s. posted this in the wrong forum initially, sorry for duplicate post!

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Toffee's eggs some days are quite speckled other days more of a plain colour, lovely green but she seems to have given up laying at the moment :( It always surprises me that eggs vary so much from the same girl, when you just buy eggs, eggs are just eggs but when they come from your own chooks they are so special and you notice all the differences :D


Well done Esme :dance::dance: , she looks beautiful :D



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All the others are definitely Esme; she hops into the nestbox, sits there for half an hour and then riddles off out leaving us her present! I have been so surprised, not a single soft shell, all uniform shape and size; 49-56g. Whoever laid the mystery egg, I'm getting a lot more than I expected...an egg a day regular as clockwork since boxing day, except new years eve. Maybe Esme's a hybrid in disguise!


Am beginning to think the mystery egg was Esme too, simply because none of the others even bother with the nesting box in the daytime (but all like to snuggle in together at night!).


I might set up some CCTV!


Tina :D

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