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Think anti-peck spray has stained my eglu ?

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Have just used anti peck spray for the first time, was holding the chuck in question over the eglu when I sprayed her and I fear that the overspray has stained the eglu (it didn't occur to me that it would have a "colour" that could stain the eglu :anxious: ). What a plonker I am!! The APS smells strongly of tar so I'm assuming it's made of that sort of stuff (smells LOVELY!) so my eglu has lots of little tar spots allover it! I washed the outside of the eglu down straightaway as best I can, but it's a bit too gloomy out their now to see the damage properly. Has anyone else had this prob?

Note to self - where full protective clothing and stand away from eglu when using APS in future!!!!!!!! :roll::wall:

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Thankfully I've not had to use anti peck spray yet but a friend of mine with an eglu said she had the same problem. It left a greyish splodge! She didn't try to remove it. I was wondering if 'Barkeepers Friend' might get rid of it. I was thinking of trying this on my upvc window frames with paint on. It's a very gentle abrasive powder. I've used it before on a delicate stainless steel cooker to great effect to remove staining.


Good luck!

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I had this problem, hubby sprayed the chooks when they were sleeping, so my roosting bars were covered! A combination of Poultry Shield and Fairy liquid, gently worked in with a soft brush, left for 15 mins, add a drop of water to rub in again, then rinse off...came up as good as new!





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