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OllieNLucys Mum

Feather loss could this be moult?

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I am worried about one of my girls, Lucy a maran X. All the girls and Ollie moulted during the summer very sensible of them I thought. The other girls and Ollie grew back magnificent plumage Lucy however did struggle, primarily on her saddle area due to Ollie favouring her the most. She did regain most of her plumage with just a couple of bald patches caused by ollie treading her.



Lucy laid right up to christmas and then stopped (the same as last year) she is 18 months old now. Last weekend I noticed a few feathers in the nest and over the last few days she has lost her entire undercarriage and most of her tail and the rest looks loose and tatty. None of them have lice or mites and are all eating normally.


This morning she doesn't look quite her normal bright self although is still behaving as usual. Could this be a second moult and if not what else could cause this very quick massive feather loss?


Am I panicing needlessly or should we be at the vets.(after I've been to dentist lol)


I would be grateful for any advice .

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It does sound like a normal moult to me. Mine all moult in Winter - my Speckeldy has only just finished - and I can't think of anything else which would cause such rapid feather loss with no other symptoms. If she's fine in every other way I wouldn't worry and just try to give her some extra protein to help with the regrowth.

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One of ours is moulting - daft thing. Currently has no tail, and looking a little bit in a sorry state! Still laying 3 or 4 eggs a week though - not bad for winter and coming up to 3 yrs old!


She has extra mealworms - and was let on the veg patch last weekend to find all the snails and slugs and their eggs before spring arrives - you could hear her purring at all the extra protein she was finding.


Which reminds me - must start worming again soon!

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One of mine has surprised me with this trick too :D One day she just lost all the feathers from her head and tail, she was a bit of a state! The thing that got me was that it was happening in the middle of winter, she had moulted in the summer and is about the same age as yours too. I had a closer inspection and saw new feathers growing through, it might be worth checking, but I don't think it's anything to be concerned about :D


Ashlyn xx

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