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Thank you Omlet!

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Hey guys,


Just wanted to write and say thank you for the fantastic advice i have received on this forum. My cockerel Jackson has been suffering with sour crop. We took him to the vets and his advice completely contradicted the advice i had read on here (and other websites I had looked at too) we administered baytril as we were instructed to but a week later there was no improvement in jackson. So, I did things the omlet way! Jackson has been in the kitchen for 48 hours now and i have followed the advice on here word for word. This morning the improvement in him is incredible. His crop doesnt feel swollen and he is really lively. I am going to keep a close eye on him but i think tomorrow he will be ok to go out with his girls.


Thank you omlet, you have once again proved invaluable!

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I can second that wholeheartedly emmab!


Took Roxy to vets last week with northern fowl mites and after he treated her with the same stuff I'd done already :roll: , I tentatively suggested Ivomec Eprinex which many have recommended on the forum (even though it's for cattle and not licenced for poultry). He said they'd order some in and when I returned the following week for it, he said he'd looked into it himself and it "would be his treatment of choice" for mites from now on!


I reckon the forumites should get a consultation fee back! :clap:

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