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Silent Witness ** Spoiler**

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What a shock it was - I kept thinking, no this can't be happening, it won't really be him, it will be OK but it most certainly is not OK!


By the way, there was an interview with Emilia Fox in the Radio Times this week and she said that she was heavily pregnant during this episode so you will only see her from the neck up - a bit of light relief maybe to spot the camera work

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I too am disbelieving that it happened. But, if it has, well done to the programmers for keeping it quiet and not copping out. I've been thinking about it all morning, and I really hope it's not true ......... but have just read something so if you don't want to know, don't look on IMDB.

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Well, it was all cleverly contrived in the end. :lol:


Wasn't it just! I was a bit disappointed that they weren't brave enough to let a main character go in a shocking way. The first Spooks still haunts me for this very reason. But I am also glad he hasn't gone, as I do quite like his character, and he is a little easy on the eye :wink:

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