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Cockerel attack

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Hey guys,


Just wondering if anyone has had this happen before? Our cockerel, Jackson, has been poorly with sour crop for the past few weeks so he’s been in and out of a cage in the kitchen so we can monitor his food. Anyway, we think he’s better this time so we let him back out with the girls. He’s been back out with them for a couple of days and then this morning, he attacked one of our hen’s Daisy. There was blood everywhere! He was covered and it was pouring down her face, into her eyes, everywhere! Luckily, my OH was at home and found her cowering in the corner. He cleaned her up and now she is in the cage in the kitchen recovering from her ordeal. What do you think it was all about? They’ve been living together for two years and we have never had a problem with them fighting. Do you think he was trying to re-establish his authority and maybe saw her as a threat? She was always his favourite? We’re both out tomorrow so we’re worried about the others.


What do you guys think?


Emma x

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Daisy probably challenged him as she probably took top spot in his absence, squaring up to each other is usual but injury isnt common


It could have been an accident, he may be a bit to keen and rough with the girls and grabbed Daisy too hard by the comb or something - combs bleed like mad!


As long as the situation between them is calm id cover any wounds with purple spray and not separate them

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I was going to post along the same lines as Redwing. I've found my house with blood spatters up the wall first thing in the morning before now from a bleeding comb on 2nd top hen and I don't know if it was an over-amorous cockeral (there was blood on him, but he is a real softy so I don't think it was aggression) or an annoyed top hen (who does peck the others occasionally, but she is black and the blood doesn't show). I separated the injured hen till the blood dried, then put her back in (after a few hours). No problems. It did look like a massacre, but everybody was fine :D With yours, I'd clean her up so there is no blood so no pecking, but I'd keep them together unless you see any evidence of fisticuffs; he might just have been very pleased to see her :lol:

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I should have read older posts before just posting my post!

This is pretty much what happened to mt hen today, i think.

I found her with blood pouring down her head, and the last point of her comb missing.

I had thought it might have been my very keen young cockerel, and now after reading your post, I am pretty sure!

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