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First Egg 10 days ago, then nothing since!

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As the title says, Gertie our Cream Legbar laid her first egg 10 days ago, and hasn't laid since. She seems fairly happy although she's always been a bit nervy. She eating well, clean and healthy. ( I've checked her today, full crop clean bottom, no swelling at the vent etc) Obviously I'm fairly newbie to this, so was wondering if this is normal/usual...the other two ( leghorn and sussex) are providing 5 and 6 eggs a week. If this is normal, fine, I'll wait! But if not, do I need to watch out for any signs of ill health, egg bound-ness..etc. Any advice gratefully received as always.... :mrgreen:


Sarah x x

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Love it, "clean bottom".


Moomin's (No 4) just started too and has had a break of about 5 days between her eggs. I think it's taking a bit longer for her to actually lay, as Lisa-Marie (No 1) doesn't appear to like to share the nest box and shouts loudly till Moomin has left the building so to speak. Pebbles (No 3) hasn't started but keeps popping in the box to shuffle the bedding and squark a bit. Paxo (No 2) who's moulting so not laying also keeps checking to see what's taking so long I think. It's hilarious to watch the comings and goings.


Maybe your other 2 ladies are putting her off too.

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