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One Man Banned

Plans changed yet again - just touching base

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Hey all

Thought I'd drop by and say hello again, seems like a long time in between posts :S


Well, still chookless, and probably for the best living in a second floor flat at the moment lol, but have aquired a Gerbil and last week some goldfish, very nice they are too, although I already need/want a bigger tank!!


I took a major change to my lifestyle from in that I now only work part-time, 16 hours a week, no longer in the management side of my role and work it over two days - only been doing this a week so far and feel all the better for it already! Some of you guys will know about the sometimes huge ups and downs over the last few years, and this is just a step in getting everything (finally) ironed out and sorted, but I can't do it all so work had to take a back seat for a while.


So, fill me in, what have I missed??




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Aww thanks guys - nice that there's still some names here I'm familiar with!!


Now whats this about a balcony?? It's not that good a place - sadly no balcony although it is city centre, secure resident parking and working lifts - oh and I live next door a UK Tenant of The Year, and she's an ace neighbour too :D

So there are some benefits :D



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