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new hens

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Hi we went and got three new ladies yesterday.they are hybrids. they are lovely. we had a amber star a bluebell and a gold ranger.all point of lay. so i hope in the next couple of weeks to start getting eggs. they are so friendly going to handle them every day as think they are going to be so tame.going to keep them in pen for 5 days before i let them loose. gave them there first califlower storks today. blubell was straight in. polly the brown one not bothered. thats what my little boy wants to call her.havent named the white one yet. so excited to have my girls.

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Congrats too! I've just picked up three warrens from my local farm - after a period without chickens after fox attack. I have a new run lovingly constructed by hubby and my dad, with my old electric poultry netting fixed outside, so I am hoping for good things!


A couple of the newbies have sneezes so I would like to ask for some advice. I know it can be the stress of a move, but wondering if my straw is right - it has the corms / ears still in some places and is more green coloured than yellow.

Secondly, should I just take them to the vet anyway - or do the sniffles clear up on their own? don't want to take any risks. No other symptoms, but a couple of watery droppings.




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havent taken photos yet they already eating corn out of my hand. amber star i can pick up.gold ranger abit flighty. i want to know what things i can put up to put the fox off.hubby got up for work 6am let dog out and fox was waiting. help dont want my ladies as fox dinner. i got them from sunnyside poultry burton on trent way. the famer was very good gave good info. i give mine apple cider vinger. havent tried with my new girls yet. they arent as messy as my batams were. which is a suprise as thought they would make more.dont drink much though. cant wait for my first egg they are 18weeks so not long.

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