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Cinnamon sticks - I had no idea

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How laborious is it to make cinnamon sticks! Watched the new Kate Humble programme on the Spice Trail last night.


If I ever thought about it I would have assumed that cinnamon sticks just grew like that and that they were a sort of root. The plant is actually like a small tree, the stem is harvested ( about 4 foot long and like a thin tree trunk), the outer bark is carefully and thoroughly s"Ooops, word censored!"ed off, then the inner softer layer is peeled off with a knife and then compressed in tight layers inside a bark tube, rolled every day until it eventually becomes a cinnamon stick.


The farmers in Sri Lanka seem to be paid a pittance for it as ususal - I think the programme said that the sticks we buy in the supermarket are 2000% more than the farmers are paid!



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I also saw that programme and was fascinated! I'd never considered that peppercorns were on a vine, but (thanks to a crisps advert) had seen them growing before. I always assumed that cinnamon, which I thought was the outer bark, curled naturally on drying.


I thought the people filmed were fantastic, and the countryside just beautiful! Also, did anyone notice the pickled pepper being cooked!!!

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