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Today is chicken collection day!!! *with pics*

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This morning we picked up our new chickens!! :clap: From Golden Valley Poultry in Grayshott nr Guildford.


We now have a Rhode Island Red and a Black Rock to live with a hybrid that i was given on thursday for my birthday from my GCSE group that i teach!


Glad they have each other for company now!!


Pecking order is being err, "worked out" but it's a little brutal to watch.


Very excited to hav them now, can't wait to get to now them all better.


On with chicken proofing the garden so that once they are settled the can free range a little more in the garden!





GNR Tikka

(Bluebelle) Albie

PP -un-named at the moment

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Aww they are beautiful :D Congratulations :clap::mrgreen:


Your students gave you a hen?! :shock: Right that's it I'm definately becoming a teacher! :lol:


Yes a few of them have hens so when i mentioned i was getting an eglu they all got rather excited! They had a bit of a whip round and went to a farm at the weekend. One of the parents brought it into school at the end of the day!


That was thursday, so she spent one day on her own so it's nice she has company now!


They named her, but she's a fab present from a great bunch of kids so i count myself very lucky!!

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What a surprise with an egg this morning!!!


Went to let them out after thier first night on the !gored! ,

Staring back at me was a large perfect egg, when i went to have it for my breakfast it was a double yolker!


What a fab present, dind't think any of them would lay for a couple of weeks until they were properly settled!! :clap:

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Had an egg every day barr 1, when we had a soft egg. The girls have settled well, with the Rhode island (tikka) deciding to embark on digging holes EVERYWHERE through the weed membrance, under the woodchip, round the sides on inside the run, round the outsides of the run.


Trying to think of things i can do so they don't get bored during the day! :think:

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