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Stolen - not far from me!

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its shocking what people will steal

but it really makes you think about my much stuff we have in our gardens , i was lucky i got all mine cheap but it someone stole my eglus i would be looking at

cube £695

classics £425 x2

go £340


thats £1885 in coops alone

(omg my chicken coops are worth more than my new kitchen lol )

and some people have far more than me

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That's 7 chickens worth £1000 between them. Over £100 each must have laid golden eggs.


Thats what I thought! :lol: I've never been to a show or anything poultry related, but if they are show quality would they really be worth that much?! wow. I know tinkerbell, I was thinking that earlier although I only have 1x classic, if it did get stolen someone could make quite a lot! Would insurance cover an eglu? :?

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Aren't there rules though? Say if I left my bike out unlocked and that got stolen, they wouldn't pay because its not secured with a lock. Would that be the same with a coop? Next doors garage got broken into a few weeks ago (a few meters away from ours + coop :( ) so I thought if they came back and saw the eglu... They can go in our garage if they like, door doesnt even have a lock :lol: They can take my sacks of chicken poo old grass old leaves old bench old plant pots if they really like ;)

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