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Best ground covering for chicken runs

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Hi, can anyone advise on the following as we are not entirely sure about the best form of covering for the hen's run, (3 hens ) at present we have some hardwood chippings down, as we read these would be ok but how often do these have to replaced ?


Also read about gravel as an alternative, kept chickens as a child and we never used either !



Thanks for any help suplied

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I currently use hardwood chips and change mine about every 3 months. I don't do anything in between, the girls dig around in it so that keeps it well turned over. I haven't tried any other material in my WIR but there are lots of others around, I guess you find what you like and then stick with it. My run is covered, although it does get a bit wet if there's heavy rain, and I'm happy with the woodchip. Before I had a WIR I just had the eglu run, not covered except with a shower curtain, and used bark chips......big mistake in the rain because it turned into a heap of mush and went mouldy.

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Is your run covered or not?


If not then bark chips are probably your best bet.

If it is covered however,then a horse bedding like Aubiose,Rapport,Bliss or one of the myriad of others will do a brilliant job.


I possibly have this wrong but I thought that you shouldn't use bark chippings as bedding due to the bark being harmful to the chooks.



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hi i have a coop and run coverd thats ok.then an area of free ranging at top of garden.it is like a mud bath!! any ideas what i can put down did buy new turf in summer didnt last to mins!! i dont want them all over my garden as have a 3yr old boy.

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