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First few moments of freedom

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Hi thought I would share Buttercup, Blossom & Bubbles first few moments of freedom! I fenced off a small portion of the garden for them to explore!


Then Mummy kindly moved these logs and I found some lovely tasty treats beneath!!!! WOW




Now we are soo tired we are having a nice sun in our eglu :D

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What is red band Sammiboo?

its a high protein conditioner corn http://www.haiths.com/Products/Red-Band-Pigeon-Conditioner-CASM01034/

ive a sack of this at home (bought it when i reared a woodpigeon last year :oops: )


Its good stuff, ive given some to mine and they love it - just very expnesive but if you have a hen not feeding or run down it really good to build them up

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