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Thought I had it all sussed!

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Had our ex batts a week today, and after a lovely free range around their new garden it was back in the eglu run,so the others from the WIR could have a run around, they have only met through the bars whilst FR.

Anyway, alls well until my OH has some live Giant Mealworms and decides to give them to the batts since they have had such a miserable life up till now. Thought this would be relatively easy opened the door slightly to throw them in, and unfortunatly, Ella on of our original hens ran into the eglu run after the worms!, whilst trying to get her out with a long stick poked through the run the bats got out in the garden. Well you can imagine bedlam, we had Old with New and New out with old. Didnt know where to start! ... Oh well, I suppose this is first day of Intro's :lol::lol::lol:

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Well since they were all everywhere, I decided the best way to handle it was to call my old girls into their run, they have been trained to come when I call them!. Luckily that worked since, all the juicy live meal worms had long dissapeared, and grapes for going back in their run seemed a good alternative. I then managed to get the new girls back in their run. What a performance. The moral of the story is not to feed the bats anything delicious whilst the others are FR, because otherwise they squeeze through the tinest of holes! :lol::lol::lol:

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