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Alis girls

Animal names

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Our first cat is called Kirby (named after a Nintendo character), followed by Samus (another Nintendo character) and then Link (another character...get the idea? :wink: ) Our guinea pigs were called Jingle and Belle (they were Christmas presents!) and our two hamsters were called Bowser (another character) and Biscuit (just because he was the same colour as a chocolate biscuit!) Our girls are named after precious stones, Opal (RIP), Pearl (RIP), Ruby, Crystal and Hemmy (short for Hematite). Phew think I've covered everyone! :lol::lol::lol:

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We used to have a pair of rescue dogs, both Westies. The people who gave them to the rescue centre got the girl one first, and named her Theresa, or Tesa or short. When they got the boy a year later, some fool decided to call him Pep, as Tesa and Pep are both types of ISA.


We called them Tessy and Peppy, but my uncle always used to joke that if we ever got another dog, we would have to call it Isa for posterity.

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My vet thought Little Chicken was a description not a name :shock: . She started out as Rhiannon, but would never acknowledge that and came running if you called her Little Chicken, so it stuck.


Tozi the cat has an extra toe(sy) on each foot and Puddy was mentally thought of as "the clever puddy-cat that could get to the hedgehog food that other puddy-cats couldn't". Once she decided to move in, it got abbreviated very quickly :lol: . When Loki was handed in to the shelter, he had the unfortunate name of Kitty. No way was I having a Puddy and a Kitty in one household, so that had to be changed too. Cleo is probably always glad she kept her shelter name :D

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