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Biker Chick

Some people.....grrrrrrr

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Like a lot of you with chooks, I do sell a few eggs to neighbours and friends. I have a little sign on our gate saying please knock.....well, we have this one lady who insists on ringing the door bell and banging on the door. This saturday I had the home hairdresser come round to give me a colour. She had just started to put the colour on when I heard the door bell. I peeped out of the window and saw that it was this particular woman, so I thought "oh blow it" I wont open the door looking like this..............however, after her ringing the door bell FIVE times, and then banging on the door, she walked up our drive and started banging heavily on the kitchen window. I decided that she wasnt going to give up so I opened the door and she took one look at me and said "I expect you will look quite glamorous when thats finished!!!! Can I have half a dozen eggs please?" The cheek of the woman, I could have been out, or in the bath, so she said "Oh, you should put a notice in the window saying you are out". :evil:


What a good idea, let all the burglars know I'm out :?


I am one of those people that doesnt say anything at the time but I've let it brew up over the weekend, thinking of all the things I should have said. Soooo next time she comes a calling I shall tell her to get lost!!!


Sorry about the rant, but she has really annoyed me.

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Rant away!! This is the place where sensible (ie chicken folk) will empasise.


At first, I was giving her the benefit of the doubt - thought maybe she was worried that you weren't answering the door but then her comment was unbelievably rude!!!


Take some pleasure in preparing you words ready for your next encouter.



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I had a similar problem with a woman once - I just made sure I was ....ahem....out of eggs,whenever she called.

She used to get really stroppy if I didn't have any available for her, so I made sure none were EVER available for her.

She soon took the hint :roll::lol:


Funnily enough she advised me to put up a sign to say if I was out....& she is our local neighbourhood watch coordinator too!

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Doesn't it just show how it's communication that makes the world go round. :dance:


I can see myself in both those roles and I can understand the annoyance in both. :wink:


As the 'overly assertive' egg buyer I would be really miffed if after planning to have and looking forward to having fresh eggs (oh how I love my eggs) - (oh that came out wrong not mine my hens) and seeing your eggs for sale sign and maybe signs that you must be in, I will try really hard to get you to answer the door cos maybe you might not hear me and I would be a quite flummoxed as to why you were so reluctant to open the door and sell some to me, after all you offered them in the first place. :!:


As the annoyed egg seller surely people should know that as I am not a supermarket I may not have eggs or I may not want to sell eggs all day every day. :roll:


I will not likely experience either of these roles as I live near the centre of a large city and my hens are not keeping up with our family needs yet so I won't have any to sell and I still occasionally have to buy from the supermarket. :(


Just a thought, :idea: maybe you could add an AVAILABLE or NOT AVAILABLE TODAY to your EGGS FOR SALE sign so you avoid the hassle from passing trade?


Live long and prosper :)

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I have a lovely slate sign now in my porch window with 'Eggs for Sale' on one side & 'Sorry, no eggs' on the other.


I wouldn't bother turning it around to the 'no eggs' side if I was going to be in the bath/garden/bed/Supermarket/work or hoovering.....or any on otf the myriad other times I may not be able to get to the door though :roll:


Persistence is one thing.

Hammering for prolonged periods on someones door THEN their window is just downright rude!

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Quite right Cinnamon....yes I could put a sign up saying unavailable, BUT it would be going up and down like a yoyo, everytime I visit the loo or pop down the garden :lol:


Ok, I might ring on the door a couple of times IF I was sure the person was in and maybe they hadnt heard me BUT no way would I bang on the door or walk up the drive and bang on the kitchen window :twisted:


We have 3 dogs and they were going mad, barking and rushing up to the door, so even if I hadnt heard the bell I would have known someone was at the door. It just wasnt convienent on Saturday morning for me to answer it.

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That's just downright rude.


I had a similar incident with one of our old neighbours, when I was about 10. The boy, a few years older than me, to wind me up kept throwing his ball over our fence, and expecting me to throw it back every time. I then got fed up of doing this, and went indoors. Then he sent his Dad over to our house to tell me off. :roll:

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I think that is downright rude of your neighbour. If no one answers the door, then it's not convenient. If she is so anxious to get some eggs, then maybe she could have left a note asking you to call her or hold x number of eggs for her. I'm with my dad on his view of people phoning or knocking at the door. If it's not convenient for you to answer then don't, you shouldn't feel obliged to. If I were the egg buyer, yes I'd feel a bit annoyed that no one answered, but I wouldn't go round and knock on the kitchen window :shock:

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Every mans' (or womans') house is their castle and even if you are in you shouldn't feel obliged to answer the door to every Tom, Dick and Harry, I think your egg lady was particularly rude and didn't have any respect for your privacy :shameonu:


I think you are being very generous selling your precious eggs, my girls' eggs only get to go to family, mind you I only have two GNRPP (at the moment!!!!!!!) but they keep us all in lovely eggs and they haven't missed a day since they started laying last July, they are sooooo brilliant.

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Hi Biker Chick


I did say that I understood the annoyance of both of you but I hope it did not sound like I thought it was OK to hammer on someone's door 5 times (I just reread your post) and then to go round to the back of the house and start hammering on the kitchen window.


It's not something I would do, as it is rude, but then I probably wouldn't rely on an unpredictable source of eggs. I would go to the supermarket where I knew they would have some if was that desperate.


I do think though that making it clearer when eggs are or are not available ie when your shop is open and when not, you would avoid hassle from these rude types.


Sorted :wink:

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I'm not complaining about the people who ring on the doorbell (once, or possibly twice!) and its not the issue of whether this "shop" is open or closed. Its just this one particular woman who sees fit to hammer on the door and then have the cheek to walk up the drive and bang on the kitchen window. I always answer the door, infact, I had a caller asking for eggs just a few minutes ago :shock: but at least they were polite.




oooohhh, believe me, it will be :lol::lol::lol:

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We don't bother with the sign, we have a few select regular customers, mostly neighbours.


If the chooks go bonkers and we are inundated I take the extras down the pub and everyone fights over them. :lol:


I had a caller the other day, he was collecting for charity. I was up a ladder in full view by the front window, a length of soggy wallpaper in one hand, shears in the other and paper brush in me gob, balanced on one leg as you do, trying to hang the most awkward drop in the room when he knocked on the door. I turned to see who it was and nearly fell of the ladder.


He could see I was busy so he did me a favour by coming to the window to tell me all about his charity through the glass. :evil:


I couldn't really hear him and I couldn't answer as I had a papering brush in me mush.


I ignored him and carried on, he finally got the message and sloped off.


He probably thought I was rude for not dropping everything to answer the door.



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