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Don't try this at home!

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But may be of interest to some of the more scientific minded of you :wink: Bear with me, this isn't a short tale :lol:


When I collected my eggs last Friday, due to the generosity of some friends I found myself with 3 too many eggs for my incubator. I was going to scramble them :oops:


However, OH had a look in his eye that told me his scientific mind was hard at work :P


Now, those of you that know me well, will know I am into my cooking big time! My kitchen is decked out like a Michelin starred kitchen :oops: One of the gadgets I have is a temperature controlled water bath or sous vide machine.


OH thought that by building a stage above the water, he could heat the water below to such a level that the eggs would be at the temperature they needed. To keep them dry, he put the eggs on the stage, in little cups within Tupperware to stop condensation and has been turning them 3 times a day.


We couldn't, of course, control the humidity.


Here is the sous vide machine....




Well, imagine mine and his amazement when he candled the eggs and 2 of the 3 are developing :dance:


Proof of one in this photo, can see the veins next to the Q (these eggs were candled early at Day 4)






We are candling the eggs in the proper incubator tonight, will be taking out the clears, and then transferring the fertile sous vide eggs to the incubator (and I can have my cookery machine back :wink: )


OH has said, if they hatch and they are girls they will be his miracle babies :roll:


Thought this may have interested a few of you :P

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Yep, the eggs in the sous vide have X's on them as we were manually turning them :D


We have decided that we will be naming our home hatched girls (can't keep boys :( ) after Star Trek Charactors.


Our existing girls are named after Dr Who Assistants, but due to morehens disease we are running out of names :oops:


So bought in at POL will be named after Dr Who assistants, younger than POL will be named after Dr who spin off characters, and home hatched will be Star Trek :dance:

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ooooh high tech candling device - hoping to need that in a few days! I'm planning a shoe box lined with silver foil, with my husband's nuclear strength mahoosive torch shining through.


... erm, what day do I candle the eggs on?


numpty emoticon!

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Fabbo. Now if only I had a range of cute frizzle eggs to set.... hmmm who is it who has the cutest frizzles?




I currently have one of my broody pekins sitting on 5 eggs, which Licquorish (my frizzle cockerel) should have had a part in.



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