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We have them nesting here in the house.

One day last summer one got into the bedroom. We managed to shepherd it out but not before it flew round and round our heads for a while. Silently and without hitting us at all......not like a trapped bird.........

It alighted on the curtains and I managed to gently pick it up. Wonderful. :D:D:D

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We get a lot of bats arounds here.


Recently we had a couple in our school hall which caused a great deal of excitment amoungst the staff and the children, I have to say a great deal of fear from some too. Luckily one bat was caught and the other flew out of the cloakroom at home time after a few days in the hall. :D



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I love love love bats!


Last year somebody in our town found one on a window ledge, lifeless and not moving. We scooped it up in a box and put it in the dark to give it some time to recoup itself. Later that day at about midnight I went to release and the thing did not want to budge one bit. I was outside for about an hour and I still had a bat in a box!! I tried lots of different release sites and I had almost given up. I went in to the church yard and the bat flew out straight away. It was very eerie but very inspiring. A sort of religious experience, I wish I could describe the feeling.


Not far from where I live is a nature reserve and they did a bat walk last year. I missed it but will be going this year if they do another. We have bats flying over our garden every night!


Martin :)

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I love sitting in the garden on a summer's evening and watching the bats swooping around. We've only noticed them in the last couple of years. There is a wood near us so I'm not sure if they sleep there.


We were jealous of my sister as she has lots that visit her garden down at the coast but now we have our own (sort of) :D

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